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Sales Tax States, to calculate sales tax of US States, city and zip code.


Fraction, decimal converter

Convert fraction to decimal

Enter a numerator and denominator for each fraction or enter a number with decimal to perform the desired operation.


How to convert a fraction to decimal

Here is the method to convert a fraction to decimal or the reverse.

Fraction to decimal

Just divide the numerator by the denominator to get the number with decimal.

numeratordenominator = number with decimal

Example of fraction to decimal calculation

2/5 = 0.4

How to convert a decimal to a fraction

Write the number with decimal like this:


You must then multiply the decimal and the denominator (1) by 10 until you get a whole number at the level of the numerator. If you prefer to go faster, calculate the number of digits after the decimal point and add that same number of 0s after the 1 (or tens) in the denominator.

When there is no more decimal and therefore the figure becomes whole, you can simplify or reduce the resulting fraction.

Example conversion

0,0161 = 161000 = 2125

Learn more about the simplification or the reduction of a fraction .

Rounded figures

We offer results rounded to 6 decimal places (one millionth). Conversely, it is possible that a fraction calculation in decimal does not give the same result.


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