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Sales Tax States, to calculate sales tax of US States, city and zip code.


Fuel consumption

Fuel cost calculator

To find out the fuel consumption of your vehicle on your next journey, for a defined distance or simply for an estimate of the annual cost based on your estimated average mileage.

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Calculation formula for fuel consumption

How to apply the fuel cost formula of a trip:

Consumption in litres

Distance in km * (average consumption/100) = Total in consumed litres

Cost of gasoline

Total consumed litres * Fuel price = Total fuel cost

Example of fuel consumption calculation

For example, a journey of 560 km, a consumption of 10 L / 100 km and a cost of $ 1.25 per litre of gasoline at the pump.

Nb of L

560 * (10/100) = 22.5 litres

Price at the pump

22.5 * 1.25$ = 70$

Average Consumption

The average fuel consumption of a vehicle is given in litres per 100km. However, mainly in the United States, it is also displayed in Miles per gallon, ie MPG.

This consumption takes into account 2 different types of surface or places in a route as follow; road consumption and urban consumption. According to the Natural Resources Canada site, the averages are based on the following percentages: 55% in the city and 45% on the road, see the explanations.

We will soon offer you the calculation of your average fuel consumption according to your proportional use.

Litre correct spelling

The correct spelling of litre in english for Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia is "litre" but in the United States, "liter" is how this volume unit is spelled.


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