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Calculation of the minimum annual Alberta salary in 2016

Annual salary calculator for the minimum wage in Alberta for 2016

This calculator provides an overview of the annual minimum wage for workers in Alberta excluding the compensation of days off and holidays (thus the annual hours worked)

To calculate only the minimum annual salary including holidays, simply indicate 0 in the field "Holiday + Statutory weeks"

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List of minimum wage in Alberta

Type of minimum wageAmount Jan 1st to Sep 30th 2016Amount Oct 1 to Dec 31 2016
General minimum wage11.20$/hour12.20$/hour
Salesperson 446$/week486$/week
Domestic employees who live in the employer’s residence489,50$/week (2127$/month)533$/week (2316$/month)

To get the appropriate amount for your situation, you can consult the minimum wage page of Alberta.

Formula for calculating the minimum annual salary

Hours per week x ( 52 weeks per year - (Holiday + Statutory weeks) ) x hourly wages = Annual Salary

Calculation example

Take for example a minimum wage worker in 2016 that works 39 hours per week, 3 weeks and 5 vacations holidays (for a total of 4 holiday weeks).

35 hours per week x (52 weeks per year - 4 (Holiday + Statutory weeks)) =1680 hours of work per year

Multiply Hours (1680 hours) by the minimum average wage in 2016 (11.55$ / hour) = =19 404$ in minimum salary for 2016

Minimum wage increase in Alberta

The october 1st 2016 rate compared to october 1st 2015 is a 1$ raise (12.20$ - 11.20$).

According to statistics the minimum wage saw an increase in the general rate of about 1284% from january 1st 1965 (0.95$) to october 1st 2016 (12.20$).

The increase of the minimum wage in Alberta has not been fixed for a specific date of the year.

*Based on 4,34524 weeks per month. (365 days / 12 months / 7 days = 4,34524)
**Based on 24 hours/day
*** Based on 9 months at 11.20$ and 3 months at 12.20$, considering that there were a constant workflow over the months


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