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Kilometres to miles conversion

Free kilometers to miles converter

Simply type the unit of length / distance in kilometres or in miles to get the live conversion.

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Formula for converting kilometres to Miles

Km to mi

km / 0.62137119223733396961743418436332 (approximatly 0.62137 rounded to 5 digits) = mi

km x 1.609344 = mi

Mi to km

mi / 1.609344 = km

mi x 0.62137119223733396961743418436332 (approximatly 0.62137 rounded to 5 digits) = km

The kilometer

The kilometer is a unit of length of the metric system is mostly used in distances (between geographical places) and is equivalent to a thousand metres (1000 m). The Canadian spelling of kilometer could also be kilometre. Because the British spelling is kilometre but the american prefer to use kilometer, Canadian use both.

The Mile

This international unit of length mostly used in distances and is equivalent to 1760 yards or 5280 feet. The origin of the term mile come from the roman mile "mille passus" or a "thousand paces". A pace "passus" was then the equivalent of two "normal" walking steps for a total of approximatly 58 inches (58.248) or 4 feet and 10.248 inches (close to 10 inches and 1/4). Learn more about ancient roman units of measurement.


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