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Carbon tax rebate calculator for Saskatchewan 2019

Calculate the carbon tax credit for Saskatchewan residents in 2019

The carbon tax rebate is also called Climate action incentive or CAI. Simply choose between the different form options to get the total amount of credit you could get for 2019 when you produced your declaration in 2020.


What is the Climate action incentive

The Climate action incentive (CAI) commonly called Carbon tax rebates/credit consist of an amount gives to the Canadians of specific Provinces by the government of Canada. Approximatly 90% of the Carbon Tax will be retured to residents throught the CAI payments.

A supplement of 10% is also reserved for residents of "small and rural communities".

Am I eligible for Carbon tax rebates for 2019?

Here are the principale requirements to be eligible:

  • Only one person per family can claim the payment
  • Resident of Saskatchewan or another eligible province in Canada
  • 18 years or older or, if younger : had a spouse or common-law partner, were a parent who lived with their child

For more details, please refer to the Climate action incentive page on the Government of canada website.

Do I qualify for the supplement of 10% on CAI ?

Your primary residence most be outise a Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) of Saskatchewan.

To get the full details of the requirements, and list of municipalities of Saskatchewan, please refer to this Government of Canada page.

How much rebate could you expect?

Type of situation Credit
Basic Amount $405
Spouse or common-law partner credit $202
Qualified dependant rebate $101
Single parent's qualified dependant amount $202


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