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Sales Tax States, to calculate sales tax of US States, city and zip code.


Grade calculator

Average calculator or weighted score

This calculation tool allows you to obtain an overall average grade or weighted score based on a coefficient. Calculate a series of school marks to get an average using the fractions / percentages of each result. Just enter the number (mark or grade) and its weight (coefficient).

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Formula for calculating the average

How to obtain an average from number or weighted grade (mark or grade with coefficient).

(Sum of all subsequent Mark ( Mark * weight )) divided by (Total weight) = Weighted Average


Calculation example:

You have a total of 4 following grades: 30,40,50,60 which respectively have the following coefficients: 3,4,2,1.

What is the result of the weighted average?

(30x3 + 40x4 + 50x2 + 60x1) / (3 + 4 + 2 + 1)
(90 + 160 + 100 + 60) / (10)
(410) / (10) = 41

In this case, the average is 41 , on a total of weight is 10 .

Cumulative grade point average

This average is also used by its abbreviation GPA. This constitutes the calculation of the weighted average (WA) on all courses of the same level followed by the student. Unlike the quarterly weighted average is the same calculation but limited to the quarter.

This scoring method is used by high schools, colleges and universities.

Notes in letters (A, A-, B +, B, and ..), R score or other type of grades are then assigned on scales varying from one school to another.

Scoring system

There are several methods of scoring in schools such as: Overall average, R score, Z score.

What is the coefficient

Mathematically speaking, and in this case, the coefficient or the weight of the grade is a number that makes it possible to factorize the numbers. Our calculator simplifies the calculation of its factors.

In the event that all the weights are equal, the calculation is simply named an average and not a "weighted average".


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