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Employment Insurance calculator Canada 2021

Free Canada calculator of employment insurance premium in 2021

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Employment insurance (EI) in Canada

This calculator applies to all provinces and territories (Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and many more) in Canada except Québec.

Numbers on the maximums and rates of the EI

To determine the amount of Employment Insurance premiums, you must consider these variables:

  • Maximum annual contribution of the employee or self-employed worker: 856.36$
  • Maximum annual insurable salary of an employee or self-employed worker: 54 200$
  • General contribution rate (self-employed or employed): 1.58%
  • Employer contribution rate: 2.212% (general rate x 1.4)

History of Employment Insurance

This insurance from Canada provides benefits to former unemployed workers to help them meet their needs in the event of job loss.

Originally called unemployment insurance, this insurance system was created during World War II in 1940.

It was after Ottawa's 1935 march (On-to-Ottawa trek) against the lack of employment and poor working conditions that the government decided to create unemployment insurance.

Learn more about the On-to-Ottawa trek.

Calculation of Employment Insurance premiums

For a salaried employee, self-employed

Employee's EI premium = The smallest figure between: Gross annual income and: Maximum insurable earnings EI for 2021 - General exemption) x (Employee contribution rate / 100)

For an employer

Method #1

Employer's EI premium =The smallest figure between: Employee's gross annual income and: Employee's maximum insurable earnings for 2021 - General exemption) x (Employer contribution rate / 100)

Method #2

Employer's EI premium = Employee EI premium x 1.4

Table of EI rates

Here are the different EI premium tables for the last 3 years

The employer's maximum annual contribution is 1.4x that of the employee. From this perspective, the rate can also be adjusted for the direct calculation of the employee's salary.

Contribution to the 2 EI in Canada

Maximum annual insurable salary54 200$
Maximum annual contribution for employees / self-employed856.36$
General contribution rate (self-employed or employed)1.58%
Maximum annual employer contribution1198.90$
Contribution rate of employer (employee)2.212%

Contribution to the 2019 EI in Canada

Maximum annual insurable salary53 100$
Maximum annual contribution for employees / self-employed860.22$
General contribution rate (self-employed or employed)1.62%
Maximum annual employer contribution1204.31$
Contribution rate of employer (employee)2.268%

Contribution to the 2018 EI in Canada

Maximum annual insurable salary51 700$
Maximum annual contribution for employees / self-employed858.22$
General contribution rate (self-employed or employed)1.66%
Maximum annual employer contribution1201.51$
Contribution rate of employer (employee)2.324%


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