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Tip calculator in Canada

Calculate the amount of tip and taxes in Canada

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Formulas to calculate the gratuity

It is important to consider that the tip has to be applied to the amount before taxes.

The machines that automatically calculate the gratuity usually use the amount including taxes (which increase your tip amount from 15% to 17.25%)

Calculate the tip amount by choosing the rate that suits you and apply the following formula:

Amount excluding Sales Tax x ( Tip rate / 100) = Amount of the Tip
Amount excluding Sales Tax + Amount of Tip + Sale Taxes (based on amount without taxes) = Total Amount (tip and taxes included)

How to choose the right amount to give as a gratuity in Canada

First, it is important to remember that tipping is not mandatory. If the service is not what you expected, you are free to decide how much you want to give for it.

However, keep in mind that the minimum wage for tipped employees in Ontario and Quebec is less than the minimum wage for other workers (+/- 14% lower than the "standard minimum wage").

In addition, by default, the Quebec government taxes the gratuity of the servers at the rate of 8% whether or not they received the tip. (of course it is possible to reduce the attribution rate with some paperwork)

At the restaurant (waiter or waitress)

The standard tip at a restaurant is 15% and may exceed 20% (which is a very good tip).

However, when you talk about tip for take-out orders, it is often zero.

Restaurant Delivery Person

The standard for restaurant delivery is usually 10% of the amount before taxes.

Personal of an hotel

The maids are generally entitled to $1 overnight stay / room. It is the same amount per luggage for a Porter.

Dressing or hairdresser

The amount of tip for hairdressers or barbers is between 5% and 15%.

Taxi Driver

The amount reserved for taxi drivers varied from 10% to 15% depending on the service offered. If the driver helps you with your luggage or guide you to different places to visit, the percentage should be considered on the rise. ($ 1 / bag and / or 15% of the stroke)

How much tip you should give on vacation

United States

The tip standards are essentially the same as in Canada.

In France, Algeria

The tip is usually included in the price of the invoice. However, it is very appreciated, especially when good service to give an amount up to the difference in the rounded invoice or around 5%.

Japan, China

The tip is not necessary and can even insult the person who rendered the service.

UK and South Africa

The majority of hotels and restaurants included the tip in the bill. When it is not included, the amount could be between 10% and 15%.

Other countries

A 10% tip is never wrong. However, you can go from 5% to 10%.

Employee and tip

On June 10 2016, the Ontario ministry of Labour announced new rules around the gratuities and tips. To get more detail, please visit the Tips and other gratuities page for Ontario.

As mentionned on the CRA website, you need to report on line 104 your Tips, gratuities or occasional earnings that are not mentionned on your T4 slips.

What is the impact of the tips and gratuities that you received as an employee on your CPP? For more information, visit the Tips and gratuities page of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


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