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Harmonized sales tax calculator (hst) of Ontario 2023

Calculate the Ontario sales taxes HST

If a fair market value is necessary, please fill the specific field. If not, please leave this field at 0. Any number greater then 0 will calculate the amount of HST over it.

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Current HST rate for Ontario in 2023

The HST for Ontario is calculated from Ontario rate (8%) and Canada rate (5%) for a total of 13%.

Formula for calculating HST in Ontario

Amount without sales tax x (HST rate/100) = Amount of HST in Ontario
Amount without sales tax + HST amount = Total amount with sales taxes


100$ x (13/100) = 13$
100$ + 13$ = 113$

HST changes

The government do not plan or made any changes to the HST rate from july 1st 2010 to 2023 for Ontario.
See the website of the Canada Revenue Agency

Harmonized tax calculation for all the provinces of Canada

Regarding the sale of books, only the GST must be taken into consideration in this type of calculation. However, in some provinces, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) must be used.

HST exemptions or rebates for Ontario

There is some items in Ontario that don't need sales taxes such as basic groceries, some drugs, child accessories in cars and more. Visit the ontario HST exemptions website

Retail Sale tax (RST)

This tax applies to specific types of used motor vehicles purchased privatly in Ontario. Also every privatly sold specified vehicle brought to Ontario that provide from any other province or territory in Canada also needs to comply to the RST tax.

Every vehicle for which a driving license is required are part of the specified vehicles. Following is the list of applicables taxes on the specified vehicles.

Every 3,4 wheels automobiles (sedan, SUV, trucks and vans) (empty maximum weight of 2 200 kg).

You need to use the fair market value which is represented by the greater of the price mentionned in the Canadian Red Book or the Canadian Older Car/Truck Red book depending on the king of vehicle.

In a situation where the vehicle has a value of less than $1000 in the Red Book, the fair market amount would be the purchase price.

Exemple for Ford F150

You buy a used Ford F150 2022 privatly for for $35 000. Let say that the Red Book value of this truck is $39 000. The fair market value of this vehicle is $39 000. In this situation you will need to pay 13% of $39 000 ($5 070) instead of 13% or $35 000 ($4 550).


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