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Canada pension plan for 2020

Calculate the CPP contribution for Canada 2020

This calculator will help you calculate the contribution you need to make to the Canadian pension plan for 2020 earnings

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The Canadian Pension Plan has been introduced in 1965 by Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson. This plan gives contributors regular pension payments. Every Canadian citizen who reaches a minimum of 3500$ in annual salary and are between 18 and 65 years old have to contribute.

Pension benefits can begin as early as age 60, but are paid 100% from 65 years old.

Rates and maximum for CPP in 2020

To determine the amount of CPP contribution, you must take into account these variables on the 2020 gross income:

  • Annual maximum allowable gross income to contribute (year's maximum pensionable earnings, YMPE): 58 700$
  • Basic exemption amount (unchanged since at least 1997): 3 500$
  • General contribution rate (employee and employer): 5.25%
  • Self-employed contribution rate: 10.5%

The general contribution rate as changed in 2020 (raise of 0.15% for both employee and employer).

The CPP should be calculated on gross income, not the after-tax income.

CPP calculation

For and employee or employer

CPP contribution = (The smallest number between: Gross revenue and: Year's maximum pensionable earnings YMPE in 2020 - Basic exemption) x (Employee or Employer rate / 100)


Gross earnings in 2020 = 45 000$

( 45 000$ - 3 500$ ) x ( 5.25 / 100) = Contribution
41 500$ x 0.0525 = 2 178.75$

For a self-employed

Canada pension plan contribution = Exactly the same calculation formula as mentioned previously except for the Self-employed rate.

CPP table of rates

Here are the different contribution tables to the CPP for the last two years

2020 contribution

Maximum annual earnings for CPP58 700$
CPP contribution rate of employee, employer5.25%
CPP contribution rate for self-employed10.50%
Basic exemption amount3 500$
Maximum contribution amount for employee, employer2 898$
Maximum contribution amount for self-employed5 796$

2019 contribution

Maximum annual earnings for CPP57 400$
CPP contribution rate of employee, employer5.10%
CPP contribution rate for self-employed10.20%
Basic exemption amount3 500$
Maximum contribution amount for employee, employer2 748.90$
Maximum contribution amount for self-employed5 497.80$


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